Welcome to my personal finance and minimalist lifestyle blog! I created this blog to share my experiences and insights in my quest to stress less and to live more.

My name is Sam and my personal finance journey started from pain—an abrupt life changing pain that happened during the 2009 recession. It was this time in my life that I faced the consequences of all my bad financial decisions and spending habits.

The downfall

Before 2009, I owned and operated a profitable printing business that provided enough income to live a comfortable lifestyle without thinking too much about money. It was this negligence toward money that got me into a lot of trouble. When the recession hit our industry, I had very little savings and was ill-prepared for the perfect storm.

After letting go half of my staff and severely downsizing our operation, I took on over $90,000 of personal debt. I almost lost our house and my sanity. It was the first real crisis in my life and I felt like I was drowning. As a husband and father, I felt that I let my family down. It was a moment that forced me to question everything.

The journey starts

The first thing to question was myself. Looking in the mirror was one of the hardest things I had to do. It took me down a path of deep self exploration and eventually personal growth. I realized that my money problems were due to my lack of self awareness and my ignorance toward money.

Upon some deep reflection, I realized why I spent money and, eventually, what was truly important to me. The first step I took was decluttering and simplifying my life. I had to let go of my treasured BMW amongst all the other unessential things in my life.

The next step was learning how to get out of debt and make the most of my money. I read everything I could about personal finance. I talked to people who’ve been down this path before. Eventually, I paid off my personal debt in 5 years and I am now debt free other than a mortgage.

The journey forward

This blog may seem like it’s all about money but my objective is to stop thinking of money. Money is a means to an end. It’s a vehicle to get you on a path of freedom–freedom to live your best life. It’s about living an intentional life that isn’t dictated by worrying about bills or the limitations of a dead-end job.